It has made the news

From Huffington Post, here is the link to an article on Americans and their salt intake.  Also a quiz to see how well you know where the hidden sodium is.


Success story

We found several items in the grocery store this last visit.


We also found these taco shells and tortilla chips





Last from these past two trips and online search, we found Mrs. Dash Teriyaki Marinade and its yum (0nline), Hunt’s no msg/sodium/high fructose corn syrup ketchup (bought online, but then found in local grocery store), no sodium baking powder as we now must make our own tortillas and biscuits (0nline), and fruit spread without sodium found in store.


I hope you find this helpful and hopeful that you can succeed in this lifestyle change.

Share any of your finds, we are constantly looking.

Options, they are out there.

Like most modern people, when we need answers we get on our computers and Google!!  Found so much information and sites where we can order foods without sodium, sites we can find modified recipes.  Now we have ketchup, and baking soda, and baking powder.  We can order popcorn.  And bread and butter pickles.

Sites to visit:

Make this steak seasoning by leaving out the salt.

Find recipes and submit your favorite recipe and she will re-create it salt/sodium free.

This recipe is for salt free tortillas and other salt free recipes.

My favorite to find salt free foods you can’t find in the grocery store.

I’ll be posting successful recipes to share.  Feel free to provide recipes too, and/or your thoughts on them, etc.

The grocery store….

We immediately needed to go to the grocery store.   Presuming it was an ulcer we were dealing with, we had just gone to buy bland foods.   Foods we ended up giving away.

We wound our way, aisle after aisle, picking up an item, reading the nutrition label and setting it back down.  It didn’t take long before it sunk in there was pretty much nothing we could buy.   It was hard to watch him as he realized we had become far too dependent on “convenience” foods.   

There is sodium and added salt in everything.  Naturally,  you think of canned vegetables, chips, and bacon.  Correct.  But wait—There’s more.  Cereal, granola bars, mac and cheese, jelly, all condiments, baking powder and soda, all bread, anything packaged and frozen.  Even the “no salt added” has sodium.  Fresh meat, vegetables and fruit have very little.  If its in a box, can, jar, he can’t have it.  We bought what we could and went home, depressed over the loss of salt…. and hungry……… 😦

We then went to the Natural Food Store, and Nature Grocery.  What did we find???  Organic does not equal salt free.   There was less there at either place than the regular grocery store.  Now, we are even more hungry and depressed.

Now what?

So, what exactly did the doctor say?  Seems our society, Americans that is, gets 2-3 times the daily requirement of sodium.  It’s a problem the doctor has been seeing for a number of years.  He told my husband,  no bacon, no pickles, no fast food, no restaurants, no adding salt to foods, buy no salt/low salt.

“The recommendation for sodium intake is less than 2,300 mg/day for adults. This equals about one teaspoon of table salt. Most people consume far too much sodium through processed foods and table salt, therefore, this recommendation is set at an upper limit. Special populations including those diagnosed with high blood pressure or at risk for high blood pressure should limit sodium consumption to 1,500 mg/day. The minimum requirement of sodium for normal body function is about 500 mg/day.”

Read more:

See that?  1 measly teaspoon of salt is 2300mg.  Holy Skamolly!!!!

I’ve been reading the nutritional labeling for a few years because  I’ve been counting calories, watching for sugar intake, and cholesterol.  I hadn’t particularly been looking at sodium, though I knew processed/packaged foods were laden with sodium.  Until I started looking at the canned and packaged products in my pantry and refrigerator, I had no idea how much.

For instance, did you know….

Bacon has 330 mg of sodium in just 2 slices.

Canned vegetables have 400 mg in a 1/2 cup serving

Beef brats have 630 mg (25% of daily) and the serving is 1 link

Ketchup 160 mg for 1/2 T

Bread (including whole grain) 120-150 mg per 1 slice

Peanut butter 140 mg per 2 T

Fast food:

Taco Bell bean burrito, 980 mg

Wendy’s Apple Pecan Chicken Salad, 950 mg (thought it was healthy, didn’t ya)

Restaurants aren’t any better.

Getting the picture?  Its hidden everywhere and not entirely necessary.

Out, out, out, sodium.  Everything in the pantry and refrigerator, seasonings, packaged/canned/jarred and processed meats, out it went.  Not the trash; we don’t waste.  Went to a new home to people who didn’t need to worry about it.

By now we are so bummed out and hungry…… the adventure continues.

The start of the journey

It began much further back than we realized.  Now that we can reflect on all the signals his body was sending us, we realize we hadn’t been paying attention.  The initial symptoms went unnoticed.  It was, finally,  the swelling of his stomach that prompted us to seek medical attention.  Not being tacky, but he looked like he was going to birth twins for us.  But it wasn’t funny…..  The swelling was accompanied by pain; pain mistaken for ulcer.

Our general practitioner’s initial diagnosis was ulcer.  Our internal specialist diagnosed salt as the culprit.   “No added salt”, he said, “no bacon, no processed foods”.  Therein begins the reason behind the journey and the hunt, and this blog.