Could it be???

Bacon, I miss bacon.  Old Rooster misses bacon.   Of all the breakfast meats this is the one we miss the most.  So, when I saw an ad on tv for low sodium bacon I had to know more.  It has only 190 mg per 2 slices!!! That is so awesome.  That means we can occasionally indulge in bacon.  HAPPY DANCE!!!!!

Here is the site:

We have yet to try it.  If you do before I can report back, give me a review.


So, how is the Old Rooster, you ask.

Or not, but I will give an update.

Do to our diligence in taking almost all sodium, naturally occurring or added, out of the Old Roosters diet, he is just marvelous!!!  Our palates have adapted, but the better news is our bodies are very happy.  The swelling is completely down and he is now gaining weight.  Which is a very good thing.  Because he was so full of water (12lbs were removed) he had no appetite.

What we have learned is that he definitely cannot eat out.  We tried Chili’s hamburger because they will leave off the seasoning if you ask.   There is still sodium in the meat because it is processed and not freshly ground.  Hamburger buns have sodium also.  But, by leaving off the cheese and pickles, he is not getting as much.  But, it can’t be very often and he can’t have the fries (even without seasoning).  He felt slightly ill the next day when he ate the hamburger and fries.  It uses up a great deal of his daily allowance.  We are keeping him between 500-1000 mg per day.  The average healthy adult can take in up to 2300 mg.  Remember, you can get that much sodium in just 1 t of table salt.

We’re not as unhappy about this lifestyle change as we were.  There are foods we miss a great deal that we can’t alter.  Like bacon!  I love bacon!  However, as you notice when you come to my blog, we are enjoying creating recipes, altering recipes to our needs and plain ole fun in the kitchen again.

I’ve been gone the last 3 weeks training for a new job.  I am home on the weekends, and last weekend we cooked and put leftovers in the freezer for Old Rooster while I was gone during the week.  Yes, he can cook and cook quite well, I just enjoyed leaving him some food I prepared for him.  We made Chicken and Dumplings (recipe to be shared soon), Spaghetti Sauce, modified Porcupine Meatballs (recipe from Texana’s Kitchen, Chicken Stew Provencal, and Potatoe Soup.

Life is not boring in the least and neither is dinner.