Thansgiving: trial and errors, and hospitals

Thanksgiving was, more than years past, the most stressful time of my entire year.

First, trying to duplicate my MIL’s most wonderful dressing sodium free/low sodium was a success and a failure.  The success was in the form of a perfect outcome in appearance and texture; the failure was in the taste.  I had all the ingredients set at either low sodium or no sodium.  I made the rolls and cornbread from scratch so that I could eliminate all sodium from them.  I had the low sodium chicken broth and drippings from my unseasoned, roasted turkey.  The herbs, celery and onion, even a no sodium cream of mushroom soup (recipe calls for cream of chicken, but can’t find that low sodium).  Followed by my SIL’s instructions that it should resemble soupy oatmeal when all ingredients mixed together and baked til golden brown and slightly firm.    It came out beautifully as did the turkey.  Nice and moist……  Test run for Thanksgiving dinner was made about a week before the food fest with family on Black Friday.    See…









Looked wonderful and smelled wonderful.  Taste? EPIC FAIL!!!  Even with herbs and poultry seasoning and broth, low sodium as it was, no flavor whatsoever.  In thinking over what could be done differently, I decided that the next pan of dressing to be made for Thanksgiving dinner would have low sodium breads that I would still make from scratch, the low sodium  chicken broth and regular cream of chicken soup.   Plus, more of the herbs, celery and onion because when you are cooking without salt, you need to increase the other seasonings.  By volume, the sodium in all the ingredients should still be low on a per serving basis.

Alas, the next batch wasn’t made as we never made it to the family dinner.  Old Rooster ended up in the  hospital night before Thanksgiving.  And that began a whole new set of problems that added to the stress of Thanksgiving 2012.  And not just because he was in the hospital (he’s fine and was only there 4 days), but because of what happened, healthwise, at the hospital….. But that’s a story for another post.

So, next attempt shall be postponed and prepared for Easter dinner.  No ham; either chicken or turkey will be roasted for that.



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