We can haz bacon!!!

Zippidy doo dah, zippidy-a, my oh my what a wonderful day!!! Its the truth, its actual, everything is satisfactaul.   Low sodium bacon is a reality and we have proof right in our tummies!!!

Farmland low sodium bacon has only 190 mg per two slices.  Old Rooster is doing his happy rooster dance.  And so is Phathen.  Bacon is one of the hardest things we’ve had to give up.  We never ate it a lot, but once it was taken away, it really impacted us.

Cooked breakfast this morning with 2 slices each and it was heaven.  I highly recommend this low sodium bacon even if you do not have any diet restrictions.  It tastes very good and is good for you and your blood pressure.  No help on the cholesterol level, so if your diet restricts that, sorry, this can’t help.

Plan to use it when we fix a pot of beans and now Old Rooster can have a bacon hamburger!!!!!  He even found a low sodium cheese, white cheddar, called Helluva Cheese through healthyheartmarket.com

Go to this website to see what Farmland offers.  http://www.farmlandfoods.com/products/lower-sodium-bacon.html  We found it locally at Albertsons.

Unfortunately for us, the low sodium sausage is still to high in sodium for Old Rooster to have.  But we haz bacon and we be happy!


Could it be???

Bacon, I miss bacon.  Old Rooster misses bacon.   Of all the breakfast meats this is the one we miss the most.  So, when I saw an ad on tv for low sodium bacon I had to know more.  It has only 190 mg per 2 slices!!! That is so awesome.  That means we can occasionally indulge in bacon.  HAPPY DANCE!!!!!

Here is the site:  http://www.farmlandfoods.com/products/lower-sodium-bacon.html

We have yet to try it.  If you do before I can report back, give me a review.