Do the Math

Now that we have had ample time to adjust our cooking to very low sodium, its time to start looking at actual measurements of sodium.  We did our homework and learned the minimums and maximums of sodium an average, healthy adult should have.   2300 mg is the maximum amount of sodium and can be found in just 1 teaspoon of salt.  The minimum is 500 mg.  We need sodium, just not an overabundance.

Take the hamburger, for instance.  At Chilis, the Old Timer, which is most like burgers we make (or used to make) at home.  I thought the calories were bad until I saw the sodium.  Go ahead, guess………………………………. Ready?  3,050.  Well over the recommended maximum.  Then add fries, appetizer, etc.  In one setting you could have over 4,000 mg.

Well, we can’t have that, now can we?  No siree.  I set out to completely take the sodium out and help the swelling go down.  It did, and then I decided to keep Old Rooster withing a 500-1000 mg diet.  Now, I need to make sure we are keeping to that level but still manage to add flavor to our meals.  One of our success is a hamburger, modified to fit low sodium.

Ground turkey hamburger patty (3.2 oz) seasoned with Mrs. Dash, salt substitute, and pepper (60mg), with lettuce (0mg), purple onion slices (0mg), bun (190mg), dill pickle (70mg) and low sodium bacon (95mg).  Total 415mg.   Almost half his daily.  But if we make fries they have no salt.  Our ketchup has no salt.  We did without cheese because a slice is extremely high.

Now, I need to go figure out the measurements for the killer spaghetti sauce I made tonight using the left over turkey burgers.  I mean, it was to die for.


Hospitals can kill ya

Old Rooster had to be admitted to the hospital the night before Thanksgiving.  What it was is not the reason behind this post, merely establishing setting.  And he was treated and released after 4 days.  Observation was important.

Anyway….. While there we both told everyone that he was on a low sodium diet, uber low.  The hospital failed in two ways, and set the Old Rooster back to square one with his sodium levels and bloating.  No one would listen that he should not have the sodium chloride bag attached to his IV.  No one listened that he could only have a diet of 500-1000 mg of sodium per day.

Oh, it drove me crazy; the girl delivering his meals from the kitchen would reply, “its only 2g of sodium in this diet”  Um, there are 1000mg in 1g, so that is DOUBLE what he should get.  So he stopped eating anything they brought that he knew was loaded.  Tried to order things that we knew weren’t.  Unfortunately, his physician that put him on the low sodium diet was away.

He came home terribly bloated despite best efforts…

The purpose behind sharing this with you is to remind you that you must be aware of everything being given to you whether through your IV or diet.  There were times his mom was in the hospital and they were putting potassium in her IV bag and Old Rooster was there and called their attention to the fact that potassium could kill her.  They actually argued!  Ended up flushing something through the IV to get the potassium out.

Be careful.  You are working so hard to stay healthy, don’t let someone undermine all your efforts and cause harm.